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Home inspection services for your home purchase. Serving Clarksville and surrounding areas!

  • We offer home inspection services for the buyer.
  • Pre-listing services for the seller.
  • 11th month inspection for the new owner before the builders warranty expires.
  • Interior documentation for landlords between tenants


Inspections Start at $250


You are welcome and encouraged to be present at the inspection

Reports within 24 hours of inspection

Meet me!

My name is Tony Thomley. I had been in the construction business for 36 years. It was an easy transition to making sure your new home is right for it’s new owners.   I will use Moisture meters, Electrical testers, CO sniffers, and Thermal Imaging to search for issues in your new home. 

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Yes a home inspection is a limited visual inspection of the condition of your home at the time of the inspection. No it won’t find everything. But this is what to expect.

A Brief 🙂 description of the process!

What to expect from a home inspection? I will start on the roof. If it can be safely walked I will examine it for signs of damage, inspect shingles, all vents, flashing, valleys. I will be checking the edges of the roof for damage, proper installation, and previous repairs. Also the exterior of chimney, the presence of a cap, any signs of deterioration.

Then I will look at gutters, their operation and maintenance. Coming down the ladder I will examine siding, soffit, vents, downspouts, caulking around windows and trim. I will examine for trouble areas from pests, moisture intrusion, or lack of maintenance. While keeping an eye out for rotten wood or damage from vegetation. On the exterior I will examine the electrical components that are coming into the house, their capacity and installation, the outdoor components such as a/c units, hose bibs, vents, screens, etc.

I will also check grading for obvious water infiltration, downspouts extending from home.

I will proceed to enter the crawlspace if possible, looking for correct support of your plumbing, electrical, and hvac components. I will be looking for Issues such as moisture, obvious foundation issues, organic growth, improper supporting of the floor etc. Driveways, sidewalks, steps, decks, will all be checked for safety issues.

Coming into the house I will proceed to enter all accessible attics. I will report on insulation type and amount. I will be looking for interior bathroom and stove vents to terminate outside the attic. I will also do a limited visual inspection of rafter and decking system, looking for broken or damaged structure, signs of moisture intrusion, safety issues and condition of components in attic.

In the interior rooms I will be checking the components for function and safety, GFCI in appropriate places. I will Examine drains and supplies into all wet locations, looking for leaks in tubs, showers, toilets, vanities, and kitchen areas. I will examine all doors and accessible windows for operation and condition.

I’ll turn on the appliances, remove the cover on the furnace, check the filters, remove the front cover of the electrical panel and report condition and size. The garage door will be checked for safety and function.

When I send you the report you will have a list of any safety issues that were discovered in the process and any maintenance issues. You will also know the age of the furnace, water heater, a/c unit and manufacturer and serial numbers of each. You will have at least 50 pictures documenting all these things, also the location of water and fuel shutoffs for the home.

All this is done in accordance with InterNACHI standards of practice. For a complete list please visit link below

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